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We're commited to making jewelry that's beautiful inside & out.

You can feel good about wearing these designs, as they're created with a conscious commitment to ethics and sustainability.

Ethically made

We believe in taking care of our planet and the people on it. That’s why our jewelry is always crafted from 100% recycled material reclaimed from post-consumer waste. We use recycled silver and gold only and our packaging is made from recycled materials. By utilising what is already there we are working towards closing the loop. Our diamonds are grown in selected labs that recreate the same conditions that form diamonds underground. They are as sparkly as earth-mined diamonds, plus they are free from conflicts and grown with green energy. 

Made with love

With regards to labor, social policy, health and safety our atelier conforms with all regulations and in many cases go above and beyond what is required to ensure the people are well looked after. Accommodation and meals are provided for many underprivileged staff, and there is a childcare center for mothers with babies and young children. It’s great for them to have their kids close by in a safe environment and allows the mothers to breast feed their children. All workers are also registered in health insurance and pensions as per the country regulation.


Our jewelry and packaging is made from 100% recycled material. We do not support the use and abuse of our earth’s natural resources. Metal mining destroys landscapes and produces a huge amount of toxic waste. The waste produced, usually a gray liquid sludge, is laden with cyanide and toxic heavy metals. Many gold mines dump this waste directly into natural bodies of water. That is why we only work with certified recycled silver, recycled packaging materials and non-mined diamonds.

Cruelty free

We only use created diamonds for our jewelry. These are made in laboratory yet they have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond. Read more about our diamonds here. Lab-grown diamonds are inherently and significantly less detrimental to the environment as it takes considerably less energy to grow a diamond in a lab than it does to dig it out of the ground. As with the mining of any natural resource, the diamond mining has a significant impact on the environment. For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 10 m2 of land is disturbed and almost 2800 kg of mineral waste is created. And if avoiding conflict or blood diamonds is important to you, lab-created diamonds provide peace a mind that a natural diamond often cannot, and you may find reassurance in knowing the exact origin of your diamond.